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The rules for taking the steroid Sustanon 250 in power sports

Rules for admission Sustanon 250 in power sports

The drug Sustanon 250 belongs to the category of hormonal medications. It was invented more than 30 years ago. The active substances in the composition of the drug is an extract from testosterone. The drug is taken by patients who have reduced production of testosterone in the blood or it is completely stopped. The result after applying the product is evaluated by those people who are engaged in bodybuilding at a professional level. The medicine is widely used in the sports pharmaceutical industry.

What is included

The active substances in the composition of Sustanon 250 are different types of testosterone. The body assimilates them for a short period of time. The composition of the drug contains such components:

  • testosterone propionate. This substance is quickly absorbed by the human body. Already within a few minutes after administration, its absorption occurs;
  • testosterone isocaproate. There is a longer period of time than the previous substance. It is a catalyst for the absorption of fast and slow testosterone. Half-life elements are detected in the body within one week;
  • testosterone decanoate. It has the longest decay period. The body is present for one month. That is why doctors recommend injecting the drug no more than once a month.

Also in the composition there are auxiliary substances: peanut butter and benzyl alcohol. The first component dissolves the active substances, and benzyl alcohol acts as an antiseptic, which eliminates the penetration of infectious agents during injection.

Often, during the course of Sustanon 250, no other medications are additionally used. This drug is not an independent steroid. Active substances are completely absorbed in the body, stimulate accelerated muscle gain.

Sustanon 250 in power sports
Sustanon 250 in Sport is a unique injection mixture or mix of 4 major testosterone esters. The successful combination of highly effective components, once created by scientists for the needs of medicine, was quickly appreciated and borrowed by athletes

Doctors say that the independent uncontrolled use of any pharmacological agents can be fraught with the development of negative consequences for the body. Therefore, you must always consult with a doctor beforehand. According to most athletes, it is Sustanon that is one of the best anabolics.

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Sustanon 250 in power sports

Based on the instructions in the instructions for the drug, it can be argued that the medicine Sustanon 250 has the following properties:

  1. increase in muscle mass;
  2. increase body stamina;
  3. an increase in the concentration of red blood cells in the blood;
  4. increased appetite;
  5. increased potency. In this case, the result is saved only in the presence of active substances in the body.

This drug is especially popular among bodybuilders due to its qualities. The active effect begins immediately after a few minutes after the injection of the drug, the half-life elements of the drug are stored for a certain period of time.

Different types of testosterones are absorbed in the blood, so the hormone concentration in the body is present for two to three weeks.

Also, the drug has the ability to retain water in the body. Thanks to a slight swelling, the joints are kept safe, since during sports training it is the articular apparatus that has the greatest load. After an athlete injects himself with an injection of a medication, he can train hard for a long time, because there is a surge of strength and a charge of vigor, and muscle endurance increases.

A month after using the medicine, a weight gain of about 5 kilograms is noted. It is permissible to take a course lasting two months, during this period of time the mass gain is noted at the level of 10 kilograms.

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It should be borne in mind that after the course of treatment with Sustanon 250 is discontinued, in many cases in men there is a loss of up to half the muscle mass gained through the drug in the natural way.

sustanon 250 results
The optimal dosage is a dose of 250-500 mg per week

How to apply

Men who engage in professional bodybuilding rarely use the drug Sustan 250 as an independent tool. In a predominant number of cases, it is used in combination with other pharmacological drugs. But there are people who undergo treatment only with the help of Sustanon 250, the effect obtained is enough for them.

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Self-administration of the drug Sustanon 250 usually lasts no more than 8 weeks. To achieve the maximum concentration of testosterone in the blood, many athletes prefer to inject weekly. Dosages of the drug, which are used in one administration, are no more than 500 milligrams.

Three weeks after the course is over, there is a complete restoration of the hormonal background in the body, all indicators return to their initial levels. To achieve the maximum effect, you can combine the medicine with special sports nutrition, dosed loads.

Combined course

If Sustanon is used with other pharmacological drugs, the effect of such use is significantly increased, the necessary result can be obtained very quickly. To gain muscle mass as soon as possible, you will need to undergo a course of drugs Sustanon and Nandrolone. If it is necessary to reduce the volume of fatty layers, to make the body slimmer and more prominent, Winstrol is used instead of Nandrolone.

It is important to remember that Sustanon is a fairly serious drug, in which steroids are present. This drug can be combined with other drugs that have an anabolic effect.

How to inject Sustanon 250

General algorithm for the use of the drug:

  1. Before deciding on the need for the use of the drug, it is required to be thoroughly examined by a narrow specialist – an endocrinologist and therapist. There should be no contraindications to the use of the drug.
  2. The drug is indicated only for men who are older than 21 years.
  3. If the course of Sustanon lasts more than 10 weeks, it must be combined with gonadotropin.
  4. Injections of the drug are performed in the muscle, best in the gluteus.
  5. The recommended frequency of drug administration is not more than once a week.
  6. In the second week of using Sustanon, it is recommended to add antiestrogenic agents to the regimen to reduce negative reactions.
  7. After the course of application of the drug, the body needs to be restored. Therefore, three weeks after the last injection, you need to take a course of Tamoxifen, the duration of its administration is one month.
  8. Before using any pharmacological agents in parallel with sports training in order to increase or decrease muscle mass, you should definitely consult a doctor.
How to inject Sustanon 250
Proper use will allow beginners and pros to increase the level of libido, which is always an incentive for men to want to conquer even higher professional peaks

Adverse reactions

It is important to remember that all drugs, which are based on testosterone, are transformed by the male body into estrogens after a while. Against this background, the following negative reactions may appear:

  • gynecomastia – female breast enlargement;
  • swelling;
  • an increase in the lipid layer in the female type;
  • focal alopecia;
  • rashes on the skin;
  • development of prostatic hypertrophy;
  • decreased production of natural testosterone. It is this negative effect that is very dangerous;
  • with inhibition of the production of their own hormones, atrophy of the testicles in a man may occur. This reaction can develop with prolonged injection of Sustanon without a parallel course of anti-estrogen medications.
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Since this pharmacological agent has an anabolic effect, it should not be used without first consulting a doctor. It is important to familiarize yourself with quality certificates during the purchase of a product, since fakes are often found.