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Instructions for Sustanon 250 and the composition of the steroid

Instructions for use Sustanon 250 and the composition of the steroid drug

Active chemical substance:

  1. Testosterone propionate 30 mg,
  2. testosterone phenylpropionate 60 mg,
  3. testotsterone isocapronate 60 mg,
  4. testosterone decanoate 100 mg.

Trade Names:

  • Sustanon-250 – 250 mg / ml
  • Sustaretard-250 – 250 mg / ml.

Sustanon is a very popular steroid, which is highly appreciated by users, because in comparison with other drugs, it’s “complex” of several testosterone esters, which, due to a certain structure, have a synergistic effect. Due to this structure, the drug has several positive qualities that are of interest to athletes. Based on the interaction of active chemicals, Sustanon has a better effect than Testosterone Enanthate, Cypionate and Propinate separately. In addition, the action of Sustanon’s constituent chemicals temporarily follows each other, so that the drug begins to act quickly and at the same time remains effective in the body for several weeks.

Sustanon has a pronounced androgenic effect, which is combined with a strong anabolic effect. Therefore, he is well established for building strength and muscle mass.

Sustanon retains significantly less water and does not aromatize as strongly as Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate. Bodybuilders who have problems with significant water retention and high estrogen levels prefer Sustanon to other long-acting testosterones. Interestingly, Sustanon works well even on very advanced athletes and in relatively small doses.

Sustanon is injected most often once a week, while the interval between injections can be up to 10 days. Dosage for bodybuilders and powerlifters starts from 250 mg every 14 days and reaches 1000 mg or more per day.

However, a simple lover should not use such high dosages. And, fortunately, in most cases they are not practiced. Take, as a rule, 250-1000 mg per week. For most, a dose of 500 mg per week is sufficient, which is often reduced to 250 mg of Sustanon per week and combined with some other steroid. To quickly build muscle mass, Sustanon is often combined with Deca-Durabolin, Dianabol or Anapolon, while athletes who give great attention to muscle quality combine it with Parabolan, Winstrol, Oxandrolone or Primobolan.

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Some bodybuilders increase doses up to 1,500 mg per week, but in this case, side effects may outweigh the benefits of Sustanon 250

Although Sustanon is in reasonable doses. it doesn’t strongly aromatize, many still additionally take antiestrogens, so that with the help of Nolvadex and / or Proviron, side effects with an excess of estrogens can be eliminated. Because Sustanon suppresses its own production of testosterone, at the end of treatment or about 6 weeks after the start of its intake, you should start taking HGG and Clomid. Women should not take long-acting testosterones, as otherwise, the level of androgens in the blood will increase significantly and, as a result, virilization phenomena may occur. And yet it’s not uncommon when athletes (primarily in the power areas) take testosterone, because it helps to be “out of competition”. Women taking testosterone or wanting to try it someday will do well, limited to Testosterone Propionate or Sustanon (piercing it every 10-14 days for no longer than 6 weeks at a dosage of 250 mg). Beginners in steroid courses should stay away from all Testosterones, as they are completely unnecessary during this period of work on themselves.

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Side effects of Sustanon are completely similar to the side effects of Testosterone Enanthate, with the only exception that they occur too often and are not so pronounced. Depending on the duration of doses, an athlete using Sustanon may experience the usual androgen-related side effects – acne, aggressiveness Sexual hyperstimulation Accelerated hair loss, decreased production of sex hormones, water retention and gynecomastia while taking Sustanon are kept within normal limits or do not manifest as often as when taking Enanthate and Cypionate.

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