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How to take Sustanon 250 Anabolic in strength sports

sustanon 250 side effects

It should be noted that the drug should be controlled by doctors

Sustanon 250 is a hormonal drug based on four testosterone esters of various durations. If the official instruction for use involves the use of the drug for therapeutic purposes every 3 weeks for the treatment of testosterone-deficient conditions in men and advanced hyperestrogenism in women, then power sports use the drug in a slightly different way. You should know how to take the medication correctly, but it is not recommended to abuse the drug solely in the interests of sport. Uncontrolled use of anabolic androgenic steroids leads to the development of severe side effects – gynecomastia, alopecia, impotence and many others. Even wise use does not protect against the occurrence of negative consequences.

How to stab Sustanon 250 in bodybuilding
Thanks to the course of Sustanon, you can properly gain muscle mass. Due to the high concentration of testosterone, appetite improves. Also included are healthy sleep, good recovery

How to stab Sustanon 250 in bodybuilding

Sustanon 250 course solo (without additional combined use with other anabolic steroids) should be carried out according to the following recommendations:

  • It can be used only by men, women are not recommended to use long esters of testosterone, since it will be difficult to control side effects if they occur
  • Women use Sustanon in extremely rare cases, only if they are already advanced users and do not worry about their child-bearing functions and appearance
  • Optimal dosages in the range of 250 – 500 mg once a week
  • The optimal length of use for a man is up to 10 weeks, if the course of Sustanon 250 implies a longer use, then from the 10th week of use, chorionic gonadotropin should be connected, 500-25000 units per week, no more
  • The classic aromatase inhibitor – anastrozole, is connected if side effects occur during use, similar to a sharp increase in estrogen (swelling occurs, nipples begin to itch)
  • It must be taken 2–3 weeks after the start of the half-tablet course every other day, and to be taken 1–2 weeks before the start of post-cycle therapy (after the last injection of the drug, aromatase inhibitors are removed, and PCT is carried out after 2–3 weeks)
  • In parallel, it is recommended to monitor hormonal indicators, primarily estradiol – before the course, during and after the course, as well as after PCT
  • The easiest way to conduct PCT is to take tamoxifen at 20 mg for one month, then the second month for 10 mg
  • In addition, it is recommended to use a lot of sports nutrition on PCT, testosterone boosters or tribulus, not less than 1000 mg per day, duration of admission for 1 month, hepatoprotectors 1 month of admission (but in no case on the course, hepatoprotectors are harmful during steroid use)
  • Vitamins will not interfere: E in an amount of 200-300 mg, selenium 50-100 mcg, zincteral per tablet per day, ascorbic acid – 500 mg per day, nicotinic acid 100-150 mg per day
  • It is recommended to drink choleretic drugs, how to take it: holosas 2 tablespoons per day, you can also replace holosas with flaming or pumpkin, if sugar-rich foods are not recommended for the user
  • It is also advisable to take fish oil to avoid an increased rise in the level of harmful triglycerides.
sustanon 250 side effects
It should be noted that the drug should be controlled by doctors

The resulting effects on a solo course:

  • An increase in muscle mass with a well-built diet, otherwise it will flood heavily with water, which will come off at the end of injections, and there will be nothing left from the gained mass except fat
  • Anticatabolic processes
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Good appetite
  • Improved stamina due to increased blood formation.
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Feasible side effects

A large amount of testosterone is able to convert to estradiol. If estrogen levels are too high, then there are negative side effects associated with gynecomastia, female type obesity and severe fluid retention, and aromatase inhibitors are prescribed for this reason. Another important point is that if you significantly lower the levels of estradiol on the course, then there will be no effect from the drug, weight and strength indicators will not increase, since estrogen is one of the key hormones for progress while taking anabolic steroids. The optimal estrogen reference values ​​during the use of Sustanon 250 injections are near the upper limit of normal.

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Due to a prolonged decrease in intrinsic testosterone in the body with the introduction of an exogenous analogue for more than two consecutive months at high doses, testicular atrophy may occur. Prevention of this effect – do not exceed the duration of use for more than two months and conduct PCT on time with the help of antiestrogens. If the specified duration of use is exceeded, antiestrogens (clomiphene citrate, tamoxifen) are used. Also, high-dose testosterone, coming from the outside, is converted not only to estradiol, but also to dihydrotestosterone – the most powerful androgen in the male body, the excessive content of which is fraught with premature baldness, hypertrophic prostate, acne. It is impossible to take substances that reduce the level of dihydrotestosterone in the body on the course of anabolic steroids.